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About us

About Us

Daniel Agnew is probably best known for running Christie’s famous teddy bear auctions. He joined the toy department at Christie’s and advised and helped set up the first Teddy Bear auction in 1993 and organised their last sale, The Stratford-upon-Avon Teddy Bear Museum in 2007. In 2010 he sold the Paul Greenwood collection, 'Steiff: An Important Private Collection', for an impressive £1,000,000. He now runs a Teddy Bear and Doll business via his website and organises two auctions a year with Special Auction Services

Daniel Agnew is one of the acclaimed experts in this industry. Together with Hilary Pauley from the Teddy Bear Museum they felt that there was a gap in the market for a get together of those experts, enthusiasts and collectors of antique, vintage and artist teddy bears in a magnificent setting. What better than the splendid gardens and grounds of Woburn Abbey? This special Sunday 9th June 2019 is the culmination of endless discussions and musings about staging a show based on so many years of teddy bears.


You will find the best of past and present teddy bear favourites, for sale by the most respected artist, dealers and collectors. We are lucky enough to have some well known Judges for our celebration of Teddy Bear Awards which include;

R.John Wright, Kelly Dean from America, Ian Pout of Teddy Bears of Witney, Sue Pearson of Sue Pearson Bears, Andrew Greetham of Bourton Bears, Jena Pang, Dot Bird restorer, Joanne McDonald of Vectis Auctions, Sarah Sellers of All You Can Bear, Gregory Gyllenship of Hugo's House, Daniel Agnew and Hilary Pauley 

We not only have the magnificent Sculpture Gallery but also the quaint Antiques Centre with it's amazing shop fronts from a past era. The central courtyard will be filled with live music to listen to and food to keep the hunger pangs at bay. The feel will be Edwardian splendour around the courtyard. 

If you have any questions or suggestions then we can be contacted at:-

email:        mobile 07875874854       tel 01908642111

Do come and join us! We look forward to seeing you!  Daniel and Hilary