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Book a Stand-Sculpture Gallery

The magnificent Sculpture Gallery has seen many a wonderful banquet over the years. It looks over the lawns in a beautiful position. Not only will there be a fine exhibition, award winning bears, valuations on the terrace (weather permitting!) but also music in the courtyard and an ambiance to envy.

Please see floor plan in each section. Tables are 6' x 2.5' (1.82 x 0.75m) called 6'. Or 5' x 2.5' (1.5 x 0.75m) called 5'. There are various options of stands, two on the perimeter walls, one on the internal rows. and two on the raised area. You can zoom over the plan to see it more easily.

You are able to buy a type of stand not a specific number. You can request a particular number at checkout. We will respond by email with your allocated stand number. Would all potential exhibitors who we are not familiar with please send a photo of your stand with stock on it, to  or a link to your website


Where there is access to electricity it says Elec. Where there is no electricity it says No Elec. If you buy a stand with access to electricity the charge has already been added to your total. Terms and conditions can be found in Information. When you buy a stand you agree to the terms and conditions.

There is no guaranteed coverage for GPRS mobile PDQ devices and spasmodic WiFi

If you would like to just pay a deposit in the first instance please go to "Just Deposit perimeter wall" or "Just Deposit internal row",  and identify your preferred stand type. Balance must be paid no later than March 1st 2019.

There is no booking form, we are paperless.