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9 The Mews Ground Floor Duke's Row 6' Elec Shop 19, 20 and 21


The ground floor is made up of three streets. Flagstone Mews, High Street and Duke's Row. Welcome to the Duke's Row!  Some more of the most magnificent of the quaint old shop fronts are here. 

It is full of character with pretty little olde worlde shop fronts. We thought that perhaps you may like to dress as Edwardian shop keepers. Each shop is a different size and shape. Click on each shop below to see them more clearly. 

Shop 20 (the 1st two photos) is one of the most splendid and will hold two 6' tables. Shop 19 with gothic shop windows is lovely and will hold two 6' tables. The last photo is shop 21 which also holds two 6' tables The charge is per shop, you may share if you wish to.