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Exhibition Floor Plan-The Mews.

The Mews, known as the Antique Centre at Woburn Abbey is a magnificent warren of small shops where there used to be antiques for sale. It reminds us of a mini version of The Victorian Street at York Castle Museum, but empty, with empty windows looking out onto the street!  These shops are ready for you to bring to life! Each shop will hold either 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 stands. You may book with others with whom you wish to share a shop, if you like. Please say so in the comments section at check out. There are shelves in some shops, raised areas in others. There are lockable glass cabinets and stands in the corridors. The Mews wraps around 3 sides of a courtyard which will have music, bands playing, other attractions and food kiosks. The first floor access is by stairs only, so stock will have to be carried upstairs.

Please see shop photos in each section. Tables are 6' x 2.5' (1.82 x 0.75m) called 6'. Or 5' x 2.5' (1.5 x 0.75m) called 5' Each shop is with electricity. Each room is a different size and shape. There are descriptions in each section.