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Section D 1. Best Artist Tableau. 1950-1970's.

Section D 1. Best Artist Tableau. 1950-1970's.

Section D. Best Artist Tableau1. 1950's 1960's or 1970's. Dressed. Props allowed. Something iconic from one of those decades.

This category is for bears, animals or characters who live in the 1950/60/70s.

To Enter. You may book an entry slot initially to ensure a place. Your photographs and 50 word description must then be submitted by email before 31st March 2019. You may enter as many categories as you wish, but only one entry per category. 

Please send your entries including the photographs and 50 word description to where they will be entered onto the Awards website. 

These online celebratory awards are to recognise, honour and celebrate artist and manufactured teddy bears, animals and characters.

All artist entries must be your own work. They must embody the Category/Section description. We do not accept entries other than by photograph. Each entry must have up to 4 photos from different angles including the back and a close up of the face. A description of up to 50 words must be included.

Judges for each category will have input into the criteria for making judgements on each section.

Adjudication: The British Teddy Bear Artists' recognition awards are decided by a panel of judges. The awards are decided at the judges' discretion. 

Timetable: Deadline for submission of entries and photographs is March 31st 2019   All entries named as award winners will receive a Celebrated British Teddy Bear Trophy



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